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Take care of your skin.

You want to feel healthy and get some colour, but without burning and putting unnecessary stress on your skin.

A UV indicator like Smartsun warns you before you get too much sun.

Unused wristband

Apply more sunscreen

Get dressed and avoid the sun

These sensors provide NO protection from the sun and are designed simply to warn you that it may be time to take action to limit your exposure.


...Can be used in water – even chlorinated water and salt water.
...Detects both UVA and UVB.
...Can be used in combination with sunscreen by applying sunscreen.
...The wristband is functional with any type of sunscreen.
...You can use the wristband all day, even if you go inside for awhile.
...Measures the total amount of radiation during the whole day.
...Each wristband is 1-day usuage and the same band should be disposed after one day usuage, even though it has not changed colour. If the band has been kept in the packaging the bands can be used up to 2 years after purchase.


Fresh sea breezes and the sun reflecting off the water mean you're often getting more sun than you realize.

First sun

Joy at the arrival of the sun makes it easy to forget its strenght of the few rays that do make it though the clouds.


Sand fun and cool dips make it easy to underestimate the strenght of the few rays that do make it through the clouds.

Activities and sport

As an active adult engaged in a range of different outdoor activities, it can sometimes be hard to keep track of how much sun you’ve had and how much sun lotion you need to apply. The Smartsun wristband takes away all the guesswork, and since the product works both in and out of the water and in any type of outdoor activity.

Skin problems

If you've ever had a sunburn, you have even more reason to protect yourself.


Cool weather, clear skies and high altitude air will mask the sun's strenght

young teens and teenagers

Parents are all too familiar with the way kids lose track of time and teenagers think they don’t need protection. The Smartsun wristband gives you a clear indication of your child’s UV exposure. Smartsun is ideal to help parents monitor when small children need to apply additional sunscreen, cover up or move out of the sun.


On overcast days, we often underestimate the strenght of the few rays that do make it through the clouds.