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    Smartsun UV Wristband changes colour when you may need to apply more sun screen or had enough sun for the day.

Enjoy the sun

Enjoying a day on the beach or in the sun is healthy for everyone. Moderate amounts of sun exposure can be healthy because the sun helps your body and skin produce certain vitamins.

Smartsun is a sun exposure monitor that helps you to enjoy the sun in an easy way and eliminate the problem of when you may need to apply additional sunscreen or avoid the sun altogether due to the risk of sunburn.

UV radiation

The sun provides light, warmth and ultraviolet (UV) radiation. UV radiation can be divided into three groups, UVA, UVB and UVC, according to the wavelengths of the radiation.

The energy in the radiation depends on the wavelength; a shorter wavelength has more energetic radiation. To put it in rather simplified terms, we can say that the more energetic the radiation is, the greater the risk of injury.


Smartsun UV wristband works wet or dry , with or without sunscreen.

If you apply sun screen to your body, you should also apply sun screen on the wristband. If yo do not apply sun screen to your body, you should not use sunscreen on the wristband. Treat the wristband in the same way as your skin!