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What is Smartsun?

Smartsun was created by a number of persons who were tired of getting burned by the sun. Even though we used sun screen it was always hard to tell when we needed to seek shelter or reapply sun screen. When we went for a swim and then took a walk it was impossible to know how much sun we had received and how much sun screen where still left. With all this in mind we decided to create a reliable tool which could help us to enjoy the sun more and at the same time avoid burning, we created Smartsun.

Smartsun is a UV dosimeter which measures the total exposure of UVA and UVB radiation during one day. The exposure is measured by a color change which indicates when a person may apply additional sun screen or avoid the sun totally due to risk of sun burn. The band works through a chemical reaction which is regulated by the intensity of UV radiation. The more intense UV radiation the quicker the chemical reaction will go and the band change color.

Smartsun can be used to keep a close track of when a user is approaching levels of when sun burn occurs. Smartsun warn you before you start to get burned!

Smartsun has been developed by researchers at University of Strathclyde, Scotland. The technology has been tested for functionality and safety by regulatory authorities with positive results.

How do I use it?

Smartsun is used in a few simple steps:

1. Open the packaging on the backside, take out one wristband and then close the packaging. The packaging should always be closed when a band it not to be taken out.

2. Use the smaller end and insert it into one of the openings which are located on the other end of the band. Attach the band with the yellow side out, towards the sun. The yellow side contains the text "smartsun".

3. The band can be used with our without sun screen. If you apply sun screen to your body you should also apply sun screen onto your wristband. The wristband will mimic your skin and the higher the sun protection factor you apply the longer time it will take for the band to change color. When you re-apply sun screen throughout the day you should also re-apply sun screen to the band.

4. The band will initially have a yellow starting color. When the band has been exposed to a certain amount of UV radiation it will change color to beige/brown color which is an indication of that you may consider to apply more sun screen.

5. When the band has recived the pink/purple color it is and indication that the user should not be exposed to any more sun during that day, even if addiational sun screen is applied.

6. Smartsun can be used even if you go inside during the day for lunch, a nap, etc. When you go outside again, the band will start measuring the UV radiation from the point when you went inside. The band will mesure the accumulated UV radiation during the whole day.

7. When you have used the band during 1 day, you should stop using it and recyle it as plastic. Even though the band has not changed color you should only use one band for the maximum of one day. The next day a new band should be used.

The Smartsun wristband is a complement to clothes and sun screen. You should always use clothes, sun screen and avoid strong UV radiation throughout the day.

There are different skin types, how does the band take that into consideration?

The Smartsun band is especially designed for skin type 1 and 2. More information about specific skin types can be found under "UV exposure" at the Smartsun webpage. We recommend you to contact your local dermatologist for more detailed information about different skin types.

Skin type 1 and 2 is the skin types which are the most sensitive to sun, they easily burn in the sun. Children are often considered to be skin type 1 due to their sensitive skin. Skin type 1 and 2 are the most common skin types in US, Northern Europe and the Nordic region.

Smartsun is currently working on bands for skin type 3 and 4 which will be available in the near future.

How do I contact Smartsun?

One thing which makes the Smartsun band great is that we listen to our customers and the feedback they provide to us. This is important in order for Smartsun to generate better products. Any feedback is more than welcome, please send an email to info@smartsun.se